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How to Apply for Registration


The Application process for registration as an RPA is simple. There are four basic requirements:

  1. The applicant must have an advanced degree (such as an M.A., M.S., Ph.D., or D.Sc.) from an accredited institution in archaeology, anthropology, art history, classics, history, or other germane discipline with a specialization in archaeology.

  2. As part of that advanced degree, the applicant must have designed and executed an archaeological study and have reported on that research in the form of a Master's thesis and/or Ph.D. dissertation. The thesis or dissertation must show a substantive data analysis by the applicant directed toward an explicit archeological research problem.

  3. The applicant must accept the responsibilities and standards described in the Code of Conduct, Standards of Research Performance, and Grievance Procedures of the Register of Professional Archaeologists.

  4. If the applicant has an advanced degree as described above, but the thesis/dissertation did not include specific research on an archaeological topic and a substantive data analysis on that topic, and the applicant can document a similar research project with data analysis equivalent to that required for a thesis or dissertation through another report or publication, application can still be made by use of the documentation of such other reports or publications.

You may now apply to the RPA by:

 If your thesis or dissertation can be documented as meeting the requirement for a substantive data analysis of an archaeological research topic, you only need to fill out the first three sections of the application form.


If you are submitting your application on the basis of the research conducted as part of your thesis/dissertation, you must the application form, and the title page, table of contents, and abstract of this thesis/dissertation. The table of contents should include the standard listing of all chapters and sections in the thesis, as well as the standard listing of all figures and tables you included.  If your institution did/does not require an abstract, please send relevant summary statements from your conclusions chapter. You must also a copy of either your diploma or university transcript documenting the awarding of the degree. A copy of your current resume or vita documenting your employment history and work experience, publications, presented papers, and participation in professional organizations must also be submitted.


If you are submitting your application based on your work experience and other relevant research, you must complete all four sections of the application form and then submit a copy of the entire application form and all the relevant documents listed above, as well as having filled out the entire application form.



If you have general questions about registration, including specific questions about the application process and form, please contact the RPA Business Office by phone at (410) 931-8100 or via email at




If you are interested in applying for registration, and would like further information regarding the RPA's process of reviewing applications, please visit the following page:

Process for Review of Applications


If you have any additional questions about the application fees, required documentation, qualification, or other miscellaneous issues, please visit the following page:

RPA Application Frequently Asked Questions Page.


If you are ready to submit your application for registration with the RPA, please visit the following page:

RPA Application Form


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